I’m on holiday this week. The weather has been terrible but that’s good because the lack of rainfall over the past months had started to become a problem. We have a pond that was starting to look very low, and I was also getting worried I was going to have to start rationing water for my plants (of which I have many).

The plants aren’t really doing great, because the weather has been quite unusual. We had a cold winter, then it warmed up a lot and they all woke up (great!) then it went really cold again and a lot of them went back into winter dormancy. Then as it started warming up again we had weeks and weeks without any rain, and quite a lot of sun, so some were getting dried out, even though the temperatures have been pretty low for this time of year. All in all it’s a very late growing season.

Though the plants indoors are doing well. I will take some pictures soon. I have a Sarracenia in the conservatory which has just put up a 70cm pitcher, and when it opens fully I’ll probably post some photos.

So I’m very pleased about all the rain we’re having at the moment, and every time it does rain I’m outside draining off the (connected) water butt into the other (non-connected) water butts (one of which is actually a 240litre wheelie bin).

I’ve also been trying to finish an app I half-wrote a couple of years ago. It’s a sound recorder that uploads to Google Drive. I started creating it because I used to record little things on my guitar a lot, and it was always such a pain to get the files onto my PC. Then I also had a great idea for something else, which is a website where you can ‘watch’ a specific model of running shoes and be notified when they are available in your size for less than a certain price. When you run a lot shoes can get expensive.

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