Day ????

I stopped counting the days because I’ve been feeling a lot better…

So anyway, yesterday was the first time since I got sick almost 3 weeks ago that I woke up and my throat did not hurt. It’s one of those things where instead of being grateful that a minor but incredibly annoying inconvenience has been lifted, you just think “cool” and go about your life and forget it was ever an issue.

Today I woke up with a sore throat. In fact, it’s been worse today than it has all week. It got quite painful later on in the day. I regret wasting my day yesterday. I had a whole day without a sore throat. I should have spent all day thinking about how amazing it is not to have a sore throat. I should have spent every waking minute feeling grateful. I should have swallowed extra frequently just to appreciate the ability to do so comfortably. But no. I wasted it.

Strange times

I heard from a friend from my previous job today. Apparently they’ve lost a lot of work and they’re struggling to keep the business afloat. I can’t say I’m surprised by that. I wonder how I would feel if the company went under. Sad for some of my ex colleagues but definitely not sad for my ex boss. Hmm. We’ll see.

Life is really bizarre at the moment. Working from home has all the days running into one. On Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday. I’ve kept my hours strictly the same and I’ve also kept my lunch time runs as a constant. The running has been a bit difficult to get back into since I was ill. I spent a couple of days with quite painful shin splints, which magically resolved as quickly as they appeared, but now my hamstring is feeling very tight. I think that’s the effect of lying in bed for a week and then a few days later trying to do long runs again. I’m not doing any walking either, which probably doesn’t help. I’ve started doing weights at home (squats) too, to try to even my muscles out a bit. Maybe I will start sneaking out for a walk as well as my run…

It’s lovely and quiet outside though. It’s lovely to get to the main road and just go straight across it without having to wait for a gap in the traffic. I ran over the motorway bridge on Sunday and the motorway was pretty much empty.

Overall though I seem to be handling the sudden change in lifestyle just fine. I feel content working from home and the lack of going into the office every day hasn’t really affected my mental health, even though I thought it might.


I was out running at lunch time in my almost deserted local park. In front of me there was a girl in her early 20s who was probably in the (surprisingly large) contingent of people who have just taken up running in the last couple of weeks.

She was on the right edge of the path, and coming the opposite way were an older couple (70s) who were on the left. This is a wide path, there’s ample room for people to pass in single file while maintaining ‘social distance’. So, did the couple move over onto the left? The (presumably) wife did, but the man had other ideas. He veered over to the right towards the running girl and said something aggressively to her which I didn’t quite catch, but the end of it sounded like “get over, bloody fiend”, while making a kind of swatting gesture in her face by swinging his arm as if to push her away. I presumed the context in his head was that he felt she was violating his “social distance”, though she really wasn’t.

By this time I was probably 10 metres behind her. She completely ignored him and just kept going (good choice). I was expecting something similar and as I was full of adrenaline I would have told him exactly what I thought. But then he probably guessed that from looking at me, and didn’t try anything with me. Which makes him a bully, only picking on people he doesn’t expect to retaliate.

A few seconds later the path forked, she went left and I went right and that was that. These things just happen so quickly, you don’t really process it at the time. I probably should have asked if she was OK but she might not have appreciated it.

I hope she’s not put off running again.

Working from home

So for the first time in my life I’ve spent a full week working from home. I did the odd day or two semi-frequently in my previous job, but to be honest I only really did it towards the end of my time there and it was because I wanted any excuse to not go there.

It’s been weird and also not weird. My manager and I have had daily video calls. We seem to have adapted. The work itself hasn’t changed at all. It’s been nice to potter around the garden before starting work.

I don’t think my new employer’s business will be affected much if at all by the country shutting down. Most of our clients are public sector (councils and hospitals) and should continue to function, and some of our funding is from government R&D grants. Probably the biggest risk is that the Managing Director is about 70.

I wonder how things would be different had I still been at my old job.

I don’t think the same is true of my previous employer at all. Their customers are mostly small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who’ve secured a chunk of money. I can see investment for those types of projects drying up pretty quickly. My ex-employer also has the disadvantage that they won’t be able to use the government’s scheme for helping with 80% of their salary bill should they have to suspend or cut back on operations, because a large percentage of their workers aren’t salaried due to being contractors in Russia. I might be experiencing a certain amount of schadenfreude with that. I always got the impression that their profit margins were quite small as well.

Overall I’m glad to not be there anymore.

Days 11 and 12

Good: The cough has eased off, which has made sleeping a lot easier. I went for a walk at lunch time yesterday and survived (first time leaving the house for a week and a half!), and today I did a 5k run. It wasn’t the best run but it also wasn’t the worst. My lungs seem to be fine, I’m just tired.

Bad: My throat is still sore and my resting heart rate is still sitting a good 5bpm higher than it was a few weeks ago. I’m much improved but I’m not 100%.

But overall I’m feeling pretty good again.

Day 10

Not much to report from day 10. It was a lot like day 9. I’m still struggling a bit with the cough. It kept me awake for a few hours last night.

So far I’ve avoided trying any kind of exercise because I think at the moment my throat is too dry and breathing hard sets me off in a coughing fit. I feel like I’m up to it except for the cough. I’m getting frustrated and want to be out running again soon… Probably by the time I feel more recovered Boris will have barticaded us all in our houses.

I’m finding that paracetamol helps though.

Day 9!

Not much to say really, I feel a lot better. But I’ve been here before, so let’s hope I also feel a lot better tomorrow!

Work has formally announced working from home now, so I feel more relaxed about that.

Oh yeah, and we’re in a lockdown. Just my luck that as soon as I start feeling better Boris starts putting restrictions on movement.