Thick of it

I watched The Thick Of It, which if you’re not familiar with, is a political comedy from 2005. I mention the year because it’s sort of dated to that time period, both in terms of the politics and the, er, I don’t know, office behaviour.

It’s kind of strange, because the first three seasons are quite light hearted political satire. There is a lot of swearing and a lot of shouting, but, to you as a viewer, it doesn’t seem that serious. Then in S4 the tone shifts a lot and suddenly it is serious.

It only took me a few days to get through the whole thing, but now I feel a void in my life knowing that I’ll never find out what happened next to all the characters. I think I’ll miss Robyn the most. And maybe John Duggan.

5 thoughts on “Thick of it

    1. Why didn’t you like it, Nik?

      Well, I’m still getting through Clone Wars (actually quite good) and Battlestar Galactica. BSG is frustrating me now though. There are so many filler episodes.

      On the political theme, a few years ago I watched Yes Minister but never made it on to Yes Prime Minister. Watching The Thick Of It reminded me of that, so maybe I will revisit it.

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      1. I didn’t like any of the characters, & I’m not really into political dramas. I watched Designated Survivor though, because I liked some of the characters in that.

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      2. It’s funny, you’re right they’re not very likable and that’s a problem I’m having as I get further through BSG. But it doesn’t really bother me with The Thick of It, I guess because it’s a satire I don’t see them as real people.

        Someone I used to work with recommended Designated Survivor, maybe I should try it.

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      3. Yes, give it a go 🙂
        I even struggle with comedies if the characters are annoying (like Fr Ted – would you ever just feck off with your offer of tea!).


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