Maybe not?

The interview went…

I don’t know. I was interviewed by the chief technical officer, another chief non-technical officer, and the same person as last time. As soon as I mentioned my preferred framework the non-technical officer piped up that their outsourcing company had tried it and found it too limiting and she seemed reluctant to use it in future. Which would be fine if my preference for this framework was some big mystery I’d kept secret up until this point, but I’ve been pretty clear on my CV and in the first interview that this is what my experience is with and what I’m interested in! (also: it’s not limiting but that’s besides the point)

So I don’t get this at all. Possibilities:

  1. There is a communication issue between the manager and the non-technical officer
  2. They were expecting to offer me a job using technology I’ve never used before (and have expressed no interest in learning)
  3. They have no idea what they’re doing

I’ll have to wait until next week to see if it goes any further as they are interviewing someone else on Monday.

Update: I spoke to the recruiter again. He’s managed to speak to the company and apparently they feel I came across well, and what the non-technical officer said about not wanting to use the framework was not correct. Hmm hmm hmm. I’m confused. And, it seems, so are they.


I’m starting to think again that maybe I should be making moves towards another job but it’s not happening. I suppose at the moment I’m quite content working from home, but I don’t really look forward to the day I have to go back into the office.

Unfortunately I think my employer has burnt the bridge with me in that they didn’t deliver on their financial promises to me. Though, strangely, I don’t feel any emotional response to it. I don’t feel betrayed or annoyed or anything like that. If I did I’d have left. Working from home is an acceptable trade off for overlooking this, but, with the vaccine rollout, at some point they’ll want me back in the office. Assuming that the vaccine works in real life.

But I am keeping an eye on my inbox for interesting recruitment leads… and… it’s just full of absoute junk. I get multiple emails a day from recruiters who just say “Hello, I have a fantastic opportunity for you, what’s your phone number?”. I’ve been getting a few phoning the home number as well, which is really weird because I haven’t given the home number out! I asked one how he found it and he said it was on my LinkedIn profile. It really isn’t. I find this quite offputting for dealing with them.

I do think it’s getting towards time to move on though. I don’t really feel like I’m growing here.


I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I woke up at about 1:00AM needing something urgently then didn’t go back to sleep until about 3. Apparently, at this time of night, my mind considers the most important thing in the universe to be my old job. So it wasn’t really great quality sleep from then onwards, and I still felt stressed about it when I got up.

Maybe I’m just less tolerant because of this but the recruiter spam has really been annoying me today. The best one today is a job based in…. the Netherlands. Not only that, but hidden right down at the bottom of the job spec, it says “Dutch speaking is ESSENTIAL” 🤦‍♀️ Yes, in bold and capitalised. In English. I clicked “Report spam” on this one. This one is utterly absurd but despite not making my location a secret, I get more that are not even slightly commutable than are.

I’ve also had a recruiter try to phone me FOUR times today. About a month ago, he phoned me up by chance one day (he must have had my number on their system from when I was looking previously) and we had a bit of a chat which mostly seemed to be him probing me for information about my employer’s hiring plans, but I humoured him because he said he had a few jobs that might be relevant and he’d send the details over. He didn’t send the details over, it was just a fishing call. So I guess this is the follow up “How’s the job search going, where have you been applying?” *scribbles down company names*.

So anyway… four times! He seems to urgently want to speak to me, but isn’t leaving a message or sending an email indicating why I might want to speak to him. In related news, I discovered a wonderful Android feature where you can set a contact to always go to voicemail.

I think I need a better plan for passive job seeking because so far it seems to be taking up too much of my attention and yielding no results.