More movement

So the mobile developer vacancy is moving forwards after some high stakes drama today.

I spoke to the recruiter yesterday, he said I sounded like a good match. So he went off to the employer and the employer agrees I sound like a good match. He came back to me today and said “we think you’re a great match! The next stage is a video interview with me”. Like what are you smoking. I want to speak to the employer, you’ve just told me the employer wants to speak with me… so the next logical stage is… for me to have to speak to the recruiter… again?!

As my patience has been worn slightly thin this week, I sent him back an email saying that I don’t have much free time and didn’t see the value in interviewing with third parties so I wouldn’t be going any further. No more than a few minutes later I got back a very hurried response saying how about we just skip this stage and he puts me through to the employer. YES, what a good idea!

I’m still not sure about this one. It’s potentially interesting but only within a limited scope. This is the one where they are open to using different technologies, which is fine as long as their business requirements happen to coincide with my career requirements. In mobile development you have a million different options, and only one of those is really interesting to me.

The one I have used the most is to essentially create a web page and wrap it up into an app, so really the app is just a web browser showing you a website stored locally on your phone (but it doesn’t look like one). I like this because it’s all transferrable skills to and from general web software development. I can spend two years developing an app like this and then walk into almost any web development job afterwards. The risk is that you end up in a company that decides to use, say, Flutter, and then two or three years later potential employers are looking at you suspiciously because they’ve never heard of Flutter and you don’t have any recent experience in anything they use.

But the details of all this will become clearer after the interview, I suppose. At the moment I don’t know enough to say whether it’ll suit me or not.

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