Near miss

I had an interview today and it went really well, with the small exception that I don’t really want the job. I don’t want it because 1) it’s too similar to what I’m doing now that it’s not really offering me any progression (or perhaps what I really mean is it’s not going to give me any new stuff to put on my CV) and 2) despite the recruiter assuring me it was “fully remote”, it requires travel every few weeks.

They have now asked me to do a ‘technical test’. They said it was about 3-4 hours work, but what they’ve asked for is a full .NET MVC application with a WebAPI endpoint to upload a CSV file, parse it, put it into a database, and generate some reports from the data. Completely from scratch. Code should be structured according to “best practices”. ‘Three hours’. More like three days.

But the interview itself was great and it was a huge confidence booster for me.

2 thoughts on “Near miss

  1. It’s great that it went well, & that you know you don’t want it & can withdraw before doing all the work for the technical test. Think they’re expecting to squeeze loads of free work out of candidates or that they’ll be a nightmare with their deadlines / timescales? Not that it matters to you now 😉

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    1. I’ve heard of companies using this kind of thing for free work but in this case I think it’s more just being very clueless with timescales. I had the same thought that it was a way of evaluating a potential manager’s ability to estimate workload.

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