I got quite stressed about this interivew and I’m not really sure why. I didn’t stress at all about the one last week, but I also felt quite indifferent about the job. This one I felt more attached to, which makes no sense because I knew going into it that there were a lot of unknowns. The interview itself went as well as it possibly could, which is to say that my experience isn’t really a 100% match. It’s a mobile developer role and I wouldn’t really describe myself professionally as a mobile developer – more just a developer who sometimes targets mobile. And actually I think they’re really looking for two different people/skillsets, though they haven’t accepted it yet. But I felt I performed well, and that’s confidence building.

I feel like I’m learning how to present myself better. In this case it clicked in my mind that they had broad requirements and wanted someone to take broad ownership so I really pushed my ability to do that based on my experience at my previous job. I guess interview technique isn’t just about how you present yourself, but also about picking up on what the other person is looking for and framing yourself for that.

There is a second stage interview (assuming I get that far), but my feelings at the moment are I’ll take it if offered, and if I’m not then, well, that’s OK too, it just means they found someone with deeper experience in what they’re looking for.

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