Application withdrawn

I don’t have an interview tomorrow after all. I should do, because the agent has arranged it, but I’m going to cancel it.

Unfortunately the thing with agencies is they often don’t reveal the name of the company until they’re at the point of sending your CV to them. If I’d seen the company name on a job ad I’d have done some research and immediately passed. But I didn’t, so when I did get around to researching the company, I found…

  • Consistently negative employee reviews on Indeed, spanning years. Except for one month in 2019 when they suddenly received a deluge of glowing reviews.
  • On their website they’ve hand picked a few glowing employee reviews, one of which attempts to cast doubt on negative reviews by disparaging ex-employees.
  • The Guardian has an article where they try to resolve a customer’s complaint without much success, and advise other customers to avoid the company.
  • When you Google them, one of the suggested searches is “[company name] trading standards”
  • They were sued in 2019 for unfair dismissal
  • They are currently being sued by someone for withholding wages
  • The Advertising Standards Agency upheld a complaint against them last year for misleading marketing and banned one of their online adverts

This is only a relatively small company with about 100 employees, so I’m quite impressed by the volume of negativity I’ve found towards them.

The fact they have published something disaparaging ex employees on their own website was really surprising to me. It shows a total lack of self awareness and professionalism. Who would see that and not be instantly repulsed? You’re supposed to use your website to show your best image of yourself, and you use it to slag off other people? Ehhh.

The agent probably won’t be happy, but whatever.

I’ve have another interview offer come through today, and the mobile developer agent wants to speak to me on Wednesday.

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