Job seeking roundup

I probably have an interview on Tuesday but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. It’s a bit weird because the agent emailed me Thursday evening to ask if I can do Monday or Tuesday, I said let’s go for Tuesday, he emailed me Friday morning to say OK he’d arrange it for Tuesday and get back to me, and that’s the last I heard. So I don’t see how Monday was possible? It might be the agent trying to accelerate the process and the client is a bit more relaxed. Anyway…

As well as this I have four other applications outstanding. The one from last Friday I haven’t heard anything about, but I did a bit of research last weekend and I’m not really optimistic about this one. It looks like the agency has been advertising it since November.

Then there are the three fully remote ones.

Then there are two more I’m on the fence about going forward with.

The first is one based about 15 miles away but would need a car. The agent tells me it’s fully remote at the moment “and likely to remain so”, but the word “likely” puts me off. I don’t know, it might be worth the interview practice?

The last one is more curious. A recruiter emailed me yesterday for a mobile app developer role. They said the client is trying to hire a team to bring something in-house and is open to using different technologies to rebuild it. I’ve figured out which company it is, and it looks like they hired a Romanian company to build them an app, the quality isn’t there, and they want to re-write it in house. They tried to hire by advertising directly (without an agency) in January for someone with 5+ years experience to head up their mobile development, with salaries starting at a whopping £25k. Apparently they didn’t get anywhere with that (shocked Pikachu) and now they’re working with an agency.

That they haven’t decided what technically they’re going to use is actually a big problem. I can’t accept a job without knowing what skills I will be building and whether they are skills that will keep me employable in future. But I am interested. Delivering apps to the general public is actually a lot more interesting and rewarding than working on enterprise software that nobody uses.

I think it’s worth checking out. I’m going to respond to the agent and see if I can get anything more concrete.

The problem is that all of these could come back at once and then I won’t be able to fit the interviews in.

2 thoughts on “Job seeking roundup

  1. Not knowing what technology gives you the opportunity to go in & decide what you’re good at and what you need / want to develop and set that direction. “Open to different technologies” might mean they really are clueless & they’ll accept whatever you recommend. That also gives you more scope for saying, x is a more realistic wage and tell them what they need from you. Setting your own job description at the same time!
    It might make it more stressful / autonomous because of being on your own with no-one to talk ideas through with. No harm in asking for more info anyway.
    Exciting times! I understand the “what if they all want to interview me at once?” concern, but chances are they won’t & a company that isn’t flexible enough to delay the interview for a few days til you’re available / prepped doesn’t sound that attractive. I look forward to hearing more 🙂

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