Day ????

I stopped counting the days because I’ve been feeling a lot better…

So anyway, yesterday was the first time since I got sick almost 3 weeks ago that I woke up and my throat did not hurt. It’s one of those things where instead of being grateful that a minor but incredibly annoying inconvenience has been lifted, you just think “cool” and go about your life and forget it was ever an issue.

Today I woke up with a sore throat. In fact, it’s been worse today than it has all week. It got quite painful later on in the day. I regret wasting my day yesterday. I had a whole day without a sore throat. I should have spent all day thinking about how amazing it is not to have a sore throat. I should have spent every waking minute feeling grateful. I should have swallowed extra frequently just to appreciate the ability to do so comfortably. But no. I wasted it.

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