I kept waking up last night with strange dreams, which is probably a mixture of it being unusually warm and the fact that my anti-depressants seem to make me dream more. This morning I wrote down a quick description of each one so I could write about them later (now)…

Dream 1: I was being mugged by a bunch of teenagers. I decided to run away instead of giving up whatever they were trying to steal, but they had obviously done a lot of PE at school and kept up with me. I made to a very suburban bungalow housing estate, which seems suspiciously similar to my grandparents’ neighbourhood, and somehow ended up inside an older man’s house, who was happy to let me hide there for a little while, because he then tried to mug me too and I had to run away again. He was bald. I didn’t like him.

Dream 2: Boris Johnson is still in intensive care but the Conservative party decided to elect a new prime minister just because. They chose a bald man I hadn’t heard of. I’d tell you who it was, but I can’t remember his name and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t exist.

Dream 3: When I came to write this, I found my succinct description of this dream was “Half a burger” and it didn’t ring any bells at all. However, it has just come back to me! I was in a fast food restaurant and was on my own but I was sharing a table with a bunch of girls and another party. I ordered a burger but when it came it was only half a burger. When the waitress came back to deliver some food to the girls I was sitting next to I tried to explain I had ordered a whole burger, but she just ignored me. I went up to the counter and complained about it. My parents were also in the restaurant and they agreed that it wasn’t very good that I didn’t get a full burger.

Dream 4: Pokémon Go added catapults. The Pokemon use the catapults to launch things at you while you try to catch them. I don’t know, it made sense in the dream.

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