Strange times

I heard from a friend from my previous job today. Apparently they’ve lost a lot of work and they’re struggling to keep the business afloat. I can’t say I’m surprised by that. I wonder how I would feel if the company went under. Sad for some of my ex colleagues but definitely not sad for my ex boss. Hmm. We’ll see.

Life is really bizarre at the moment. Working from home has all the days running into one. On Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday. I’ve kept my hours strictly the same and I’ve also kept my lunch time runs as a constant. The running has been a bit difficult to get back into since I was ill. I spent a couple of days with quite painful shin splints, which magically resolved as quickly as they appeared, but now my hamstring is feeling very tight. I think that’s the effect of lying in bed for a week and then a few days later trying to do long runs again. I’m not doing any walking either, which probably doesn’t help. I’ve started doing weights at home (squats) too, to try to even my muscles out a bit. Maybe I will start sneaking out for a walk as well as my run…

It’s lovely and quiet outside though. It’s lovely to get to the main road and just go straight across it without having to wait for a gap in the traffic. I ran over the motorway bridge on Sunday and the motorway was pretty much empty.

Overall though I seem to be handling the sudden change in lifestyle just fine. I feel content working from home and the lack of going into the office every day hasn’t really affected my mental health, even though I thought it might.

10 thoughts on “Strange times

  1. Glad you’re doing well & the working from home is suiting you ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m surprised no-one’s commented on “sneaking out for a walk”. My concern is about them deciding self-regulation isn’t working & making us subject to stricter measures. I’d hate that. Take care x

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      1. There are places (countries) where you need official permission to be out. Husband has a letter from work stating the company name & that it’s essential one because… so we can show it to the police if we get stopped on the commute.

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      2. Around me at least, there is virtually nobody about anyway. So my guess would be that in a week or so we’ll start seeing the effects of the lockdown/social distancing come into the official statistics and there won’t be any reason to implement stricter measures.

        Do you see many police around? I have heard of them setting up roadblocks but not around here. Seems a bit dystopian.

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      3. I’ve seen a few police cars around in the estates (which is unusual) & I heard the first night they were stopping people who were driving into my town to ask where they were going. I suppose they go where they think the people will be.
        I hope they don’t get stricter. Fingers crossed.

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      4. Yes, & bad too if you’re stuck with someone you don’t get on with or who’s abusing. Thankful for my situation.


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