My boss said goodbye to me yesterday as he wouldn’t be in the office today. He apologised for not having sorted out a leaving meal/event for me, no reason given. I had noticed the conspicuous absence of this, but since I’m hardly leaving on great terms, I would have felt weird about it anyway. He also apologised for not having made an announcement that I was leaving but promised that he would.

So I went in today expecting to see the email announcing my imminent departure, and realised I’d been duped. Again. I don’t know why I was surprised – it’s just par the course at this point for the company to let me down.

I said goodbye to a few people, including my manager (note: different person to my boss) whom I’ve had a really good relationship with, but the office was pretty empty today so a lot of people won’t realise I’ve left until they figure out in a few weeks that I’m not on holiday. So I left the company in much the same manner that I’ve existed here for the past year – feeling invisible and unvalued, and as if it’s somehow my fault.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to write about that. I hope that it’s enough to get my thoughts out and let me move on. I felt quite deflated when I left, but now, this evening, I’m feeling a lot better already. I think the next two weeks are going to be healthy for me.

5 thoughts on “Done

  1. I bet the next 2 weeks are so revelationary for you. You will be a new person when you come to start the new job. I’m glad you’re getting a good break, & that you feel better already.

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    1. I hope so thank you 🙂 Whenever I have had time off before, I have always started to feel much better very quickly, so I think I’ll be feeling very different in two weeks time.

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  2. I think that’s great. I think a new start will be good for you. It seemed like that place has been putting a lot of stress on you for quite a while. I hope things improve on your new path.

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