I gave my notice this morning like I intended to. It turns out Boss was working from home this morning and going to visit a client later, so wasn’t in the office (I didn’t know this). He didn’t reply but I’m sure he saw it. I CCed HR lady who is usually in the office on Monday, but she didn’t come in either and she also didn’t reply.

The last time I quit a job I remember the experience being liberating. This time has been a bit flat so far. It’s a bizarre experience really; you announce you’re quitting and everyone just ignores you!

I wish I could see into HR lady’s head. I wonder if she’s happy with how she’s handled things. I wonder if she foresaw this as being the only logical conclusion of the last meeting we had, and I wonder if now in retrospect she understands that it was.

2 thoughts on “Anticlimax

  1. That…fits so much with leaving my last work. So much stress and awfulness, and in my last month I was the only one in the office *not* miserable. But, after all the anxiety of working there, the anticlimax of giving notice was kind of startling. You really are nothing to the corporate world if you are even the least bit “complicated.” It will be scary, but hopefully worth the change.

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    1. For me the biggest anticlimax came this morning as my boss accepted my resignation without making a counter offer! This is a bit underwhelming after he’d promised to review my salary. But it just highlights that leaving is the right thing to do.

      Thanks for commenting, Lavender, I hope your new job is working out for you.


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