SO! Salary email reaction: It didn’t go as planned, but my boss thinks I have a reasonable point and is going to implement some kind of pay grading system and a more formal review process. I don’t know what to expect from this yet, but it seems at the moment that I am being taken seriously.

For now I feel calm and happy. In fact, I feel confident and a little voice in my head is saying “hey, you’ve done well, but cast your net a bit wider and start job-seeking again”.

I don’t understand my moods. I am surprised just how bad my anxiety has been over this. I have booked an appointment with my GP to discuss as I don’t really know how the anti-depressants should be fitting in with this, but I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t take the edge off this at all given that they do seem to be effective in other ways.

For example, I found the discussion with my boss very easy. I felt stressed but I wasn’t distracted by the stress. I think I probably appeared more relaxed and comfortable than I do usually, even though it was a high stress situation.

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