Today was the dietitian appointment. She basically told me I wasn’t eating enough, which is both true and something I should listen to, and also missing the point slightly. It’s true because I’m so active. According to Strava I burnt 1000 calories running today. That’s a lot of calories that I need to replace. She suggested sneaking in extra calories with things like full fat milk, which is good.

But my weight was increasing slightly until I went back to work. It’s very suddenly dipped again, so, the GP was right, anxiety is driving my weight problems and the diet is probably not really the issue.

I was a bit mischievous today as I emailed in this morning to announce I was working from home due to an “appointment” which would have me away from my desk for a few hours this afternoon. I had informed my project manager (not my boss) yesterday it was medical, but my boss doesn’t know that. So given that I’ve started a salary negotiation, to him it’ll look a bit like I might be interviewing. I did that on purpose. He also arrived early yesterday, just as I happened to be in the corridor making a personal phone call, which is very unusual for me. It was to my GP surgery, but again, he doesn’t know that.

In related news though I’ve had a bunch of relevant-looking opportunities come through from recruiters and I think I’ll respond and signal interest over the weekend.

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