Citalopram days 2 and 3

Sleep: I’m not sleeping well, but I wasn’t before either, which was one of the reasons I chose to start taking it. I am having dreams though. I had a nightmare yesterday morning (about Becky!) which had me waking up feeling sick and dreading going to work, and this morning I had one involving a cockroach… I very rarely have/remember dreams, so this is unusual.

Nausea: Seems to have subsided. It was noticable on day 2, but less so on day 3.

GI: Hmm yes. There are GI effects. I’m getting a lot more discomfort (gas) at the moment. I hope this settles.

Mental: Hard to assess really. I feel… I don’t know. I was quite content yesterday afternoon at work, but today I worked from home and I felt angsty and frustrated. I think for the moment any mood changes can be attributed to lack of sleep.

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