Citalopram days 4-5

I’ve slept! 10 hours on Friday and 9 hours on Saturday. I needed that.

The nausea has definitely settled.

I still feel kind of angsty. Agitated and impatient sometimes. It’s an anxiety symptom, I guess. Maybe this is what it means by making anxiety worse before it gets better – it’s not that I have worse anxiety attacks, it’s just that I feel frustrated. I can live with that.

I have been half-dosing so far to try to minimise side effects. Assuming all is OK tomorrow morning* I intend to go up to the full dose.

*I’m still nervous about the increased risk of stomach bleeding with my running. It was OK yesterday with a 1h run but today was 1h30, so we’ll see…

3 thoughts on “Citalopram days 4-5

  1. I personally noticed during my 10mg phase that it was best flr me to take them before I went to bed. At first? I felt like I was stoned. After a while, I felt like I still had anxiety—it felt like ir was down the hall vs in my room—if that makes sense. I was increased to 20 mg late July. I don’t feel agitated or more anxious. At least not while I am up, going to work, school. I’m trying some meditation to relax more before I go to bed at night.


    Asherraaa Reese


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