Today was pretty awful. I woke up far too early feeling sick, which has lasted all day along with a very unhappy stomach. My overall digestive system is what I’d call a bit oversensitive at the best of times, but today has been ridiculous. I didn’t eat anything unusual yesterday; I’m pretty sure it’s just anxiety. I felt weird and spaced out at work. It’s a complete contrast to working from home yesterday, when I felt quite calm and content.

I thought maybe I was nervous about phoning up for various appointments so I got that out of the way this morning, but it didn’t help. I hoped I’d feel better for taking a bit more control of my life, but no.

I have a phone assessment appointment for the psychiatric service for Tuesday, and a hospital appointment (gastro) for Wednesday.

So it’ll be a busy week of medical appointments next week. I’m going to have to work from home Tuesday to take that call, and I’ll have to leave work early on Wednesday. So with Becky stalking my LinkedIn profile, she’s going to be convinced I’m having interviews.

The LinkedIn stalking thing was stressing me, so I logged into LinkedIn as soon as I got to work and blocked her. I thought that would make me feel better, but no.

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