Mixed signals

Well, I was planning to start my anti-depressants this weekend but today wasn’t such a bad day and I’ve decided to re-assess next week.

The main thing is that I have a voicemail from the recruiter who set me up with the two phone interviews asking me to phone him back as he has ‘good news’. This will have to wait until Monday morning now, but I expect it means I have at least one in-person interview available to me.

Work wasn’t so bad today. Becky was working from home as she had to ‘go out’ this morning (interview?!?!) and I felt a lot calmer. What a coincidence.

My watch agrees. Look at the stress graph for yesterday vs today:

3 thoughts on “Mixed signals

    1. It’s Garmin Connect, but you need a Garmin watch, which is more of a specifically running focused watch than a general smartwatch or fitness band. What it’s measuring there is something called heart-rate variability. It seems to mostly correlate to my emotional mood, but it can also be impacted by physical recovery after exercise, so it’s not really exact for tracking moods.

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