I’m starting to think again that maybe I should be making moves towards another job but it’s not happening. I suppose at the moment I’m quite content working from home, but I don’t really look forward to the day I have to go back into the office.

Unfortunately I think my employer has burnt the bridge with me in that they didn’t deliver on their financial promises to me. Though, strangely, I don’t feel any emotional response to it. I don’t feel betrayed or annoyed or anything like that. If I did I’d have left. Working from home is an acceptable trade off for overlooking this, but, with the vaccine rollout, at some point they’ll want me back in the office. Assuming that the vaccine works in real life.

But I am keeping an eye on my inbox for interesting recruitment leads… and… it’s just full of absoute junk. I get multiple emails a day from recruiters who just say “Hello, I have a fantastic opportunity for you, what’s your phone number?”. I’ve been getting a few phoning the home number as well, which is really weird because I haven’t given the home number out! I asked one how he found it and he said it was on my LinkedIn profile. It really isn’t. I find this quite offputting for dealing with them.

I do think it’s getting towards time to move on though. I don’t really feel like I’m growing here.

5 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. I finally managed to get an answer from a recruiter about where he got my cv. From our database. What database? Our candidate database. Right, well this is the job you emailed me about the other week, & it’s still a no.

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    1. In my case my CV is fairly public so it’s not too surprising people are finding it, but I have had a few emails “welcoming” me to various recruiters’ systems as apparently they’ve imported me into them. Where they find the home number though I’ve no idea. When I was looking before I used to get one trying to phone me up at work through the main number. That was an instant turn off for using no discretion whatsoever.

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      1. Ouch yeah that’s out of order. Once upon a time it was a case of finding people in the phone book unless they were ex-directory.
        I wish there was a way to filter out the useful recruiters / adverts too.

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    1. Well so far I’m not going to retire on the money it’s making me 😉 but the other one I have took a few years before it got more than a handful of users so I need to be persistent with it and try to keep it looking active.

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