This is Monty. He’s an 8 week old cockapoo.

We picked him up this morning. He’s still quite upset but hopefully he’ll settle in a few days. He cries a lot when we leave him alone but he seems comfortable with us. This afternoon we were playing with him while I was sat cross legged on the floor, and he went to sleep nestling his face into the back of my knee (probably because I’m warm?).

So far his favourite trick is to pretend he doesn’t need the toilet when we take him into the garden, then go on the carpet 30 seconds after we take him back inside. Some of that might be stress though. He’s been twice outside and 4 or 5 times inside 🤦 But he also seems scared of the garden and much more comfortable inside, which probably doesn’t help. I’m frantically reading up on training.

Allergies seem OK. Or at least, no worse than they have been over the past few weeks. I think if there was going to be a problem I’d know about it by now. Last winter we had problems with dust on the radiators which got circulated when we switched them on, and 30 minutes of that was enough to make me feel like I had a heavy cold. I think it was just a bad hayfever day the other week.

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