So we went to see the lady about the cockapoo puppies and we have put down a deposit on a little puppy who is black with three white paws.

Unexpectedly, I feel very nervous and unsettled about it now. The problem is that I had a lot of allergies in the evening after we visited. So naturally my brain decided that I’m allergic to dogs, even though this was hours later and I was fine while I was there. Actually I’m allergic to something in the air around this time of year, possibly mold spores. It happens every single year. It’s been bad all week. I’ve been taking anti histamines most days this week to try to keep it under control. My parents are complaining about it too, so it’s not just me. Even my mum, who usually isn’t very affected by this kind of thing. I don’t think I’m allergic to dogs, but I’ve never lived with one, so as it’s suddenly popped into my head I am worrying about it. My dad’s aunt used to have a dog when I was a child. Unfortunately we never used to visit her often, because she lived hundreds of miles away, but I definitely spent some time with her dog and in her house and I didn’t have any problems. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

We have been busy trying to get everything ready. We have a little pen set up in the corner of the living room now, we just have a few more things we need to get before we go and collect him next weekend.

I hope he will be happy here, but he’ll be scared and confused at first. A little 8 week old puppy separated from his litter mates and his mother… it’s going to be tough for the little guy to start with. I think I’ll be sleeping in the living room next to his pen for a few nights so that he’s not completely alone… I thought about having him sleep in my room to begin with, but it’s probably too confusing for him. We want him to feel that space in the living room is his little area, so we don’t really want to be moving him around. I think we need to keep things simple and consistent for him, at least until he gets used to us.

Assuming everything is ready, we’re going to pick him up next Sunday…

3 thoughts on “Doggos

  1. Exciting times šŸ™‚ he sounds really cute.
    Allergies suck šŸ˜¦ I have dust allergies & react to some washing powders. I hope it’s short lived & you recover soon. I was shocked by how bad my mum’s allergies were – she can’t even have flowers in the house.

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    1. That’s really extreme about your mum’s allergies. Dust can set me off too but only when it’s disturbed. Which means if everywhere looks dusty I feel more reluctant to start cleaning it up, lol.

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      1. Perfect excuse šŸ˜‰ I vacuum up the dust although I’m never on top of the housework – is such a thing even possible?

        This is the first time my mum’s allergies have been noticeable, she’s complained about hay fever over the past few years but nothing like this!


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