Mobile games

I started playing a game on my phone called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. I didn’t mean to italicise that, it just ended up that way from copying and pasting the name (I couldn’t remember exactly what it was), and now it seems appropriate so I’ll leave it.

I don’t know if I like it. I am pretty sure that it’s the old Knights of the Old Republic engine that’s been ported to mobile. The game is turn based battles, which you complete to unlock new characters. At a snail’s pace. It’s extremely repetitive, but there’s a button to auto-play. Which is what I’m using, because it’s incredibly boring otherwise. I’m not really sure why I’m opening a game up to let it play itself.

I want more characters, but then what am I going to do with them – watch them in battles that play themselves?

3 thoughts on “Mobile games

  1. I feel like that about my Sims sometimes, it’s more like watching a tv show than playing a game. Maybe it’ll get more interesting, or maybe you just need something to help you pass the time at the moment.

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