Almost #2

The recruiter phoned me this morning to help prepare me for tomorrow and now I’m less confident. The main message from it was that they are going to discuss their timescales and future growth plans with me. The timescales are supposedly quite short and that influences their technology decision, but in my favour. So his advice was to push my experience. Which is really generic advice. I don’t think he has much idea what’s going on.

Their technology choice comes down to native vs cross-platform, and then into picking a particular cross platform framework. My analysis of their circumstances is that:

  1. If they go with native they’ll get a polished, working product, but it’ll take them probably 2-3x as long as what I’d do. I wouldn’t blame them for going down this route because the end result will be slightly better. But this doesn’t fit their timescale constraints at all.
  2. If they go with a cross platform approach which isn’t my preference, then they’ll probably get burnt. The other options are not as mature or not as well supported. This also means that anyone pitching them is either less experienced or a lot braver than me. They’ll also struggle to hire anyone else in future because these are just not widely available skillsets.

I don’t think they’ll get anyone much ‘better’ than me because the advertised salary range wouldn’t attract people who are significantly above my level. So I still think I’m ticking the most valuable boxes, but I’m not feeling as confident as I was.

Though I was feeling quite relaxed about it all until about 20 minutes ago when I got a LinkedIn ‘friend’ request. It’s from somebody I don’t know, but apparently he is working at my ex-employer. The one I prefer not to think about. I didn’t need to see that. I blocked him.

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