Firstly I have to note that this WordPress block editor is terrible. Half the time my cursor just disappears or isn’t where it should be. It’s a bad experience for editing text. I am using Firefox – maybe they only tested it on Chrome.

Sometimes lately I don’t sleep well and the problem is that I’ve been watching Battlestar Galactica (the remake). How is anyone supposed to watch some of those BSG episodes at 9PM and then go to sleep before midnight? I didn’t see it when it was on TV originally, though, I have actually seen the original series! I don’t remember much about it except Starbuck was a man (shocking) and there was an episode where he was stranded on a planet with a cylon and they learnt to work together. I used to watch it after swimming lessons (on a Tuesday I think).

Anyway, the remake is on iPlayer so I’ve been watching it. I knew it was supposed to be good but I didn’t know it was this good.

One thought on “Galactic

  1. It took me at least 3 attempts to get through the pilot and then I got hooked. I barely remember the original series apart from them constantly being chased, & the red eyes… I have a feeling I only watched it at my cousin’s house.
    I hate the new block editor too, I found the classic one so much more versatile and yet now I can’t even remember how. I’m using it on Edge.

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