The passive job searching thing isn’t really working. LinkedIn sends me emails every day with lots of jobs I could apply for, but the problem is that I need to read it and filter it down to some I might be interested in. One of the big problems is companies who advertise jobs but don’t advertise salaries. At the moment I’d just avoid all of those because it’s not a good use of my time to go through an interview process to get an offer that’s less than I’m currently earning. I guess the problem can be stated more succinctly and generally in that those adverts I read and do not think “I want this job”. So that’s where that is. I haven’t reached the point that I want to start investing my own time into finding a new job. It’ll happen though.

My sister is currently about half way into her notice period and is bringing back memories for me as she is dealing with terrible HR at her current employer. She had a month’s notice period but it’s taken them two weeks to finalise her finishing date. She had asked to take her holiday and finish a week early and they’ve finally come back and said no (which is a bit petty in my opinion), but to get to this point she’s had to send numerous emails to HR. The last one, which finally got a response, pointed out that she’d handed her notice in two weeks ago and she would like to know her finishing date, and the HR woman replied to say that she didn’t think it was unreasonable to make her wait that long. I read the emails and thought my sister was polite and the HR woman was quite snotty. In that circumstance the right thing to do is to apologise for the inconvenience, not to double down and act like the person you’re inconveniencing is being unreasonable. My sister is being quite grumpy at the moment though. I think she is just bored and wants to leave. That’s how I felt when I gave my notice this time last year.

Work is a hassle. I’m still wondering about going self employed. It’s just the hassle of chasing potential clients, but if I did it right I wouldn’t need to. It’s all preparation. Maybe I should be starting that.

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  1. I didn’t find the automated LinkedIn job agent any use at all. & mostly the recruiters who contacted me weren’t much use. Data Integrity is nothing like data analytics.
    Agencies are better in that they at least have some idea of a salary range, & a decent one will do the filtering. There are a lot of inexperienced (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt & not say lazy) ones that don’t really understand the industries they’re recruiting for though.

    Preparation sounds like a good place to start šŸ™‚

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    1. I like with agencies that they try to do the work of presenting you to the company so you don’t have to worry about covering letters and such. But in my industry (software) half the recruiters are just 20-25 year olds who didn’t know what else to do when they left uni, and you can’t expect much of them šŸ™‚

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      1. I have that experience of recruiters too. I remember when I first graduated they prided themselves on being people who’d worked in the industry they were recruiting for so they understood the roles. Now it seems to be a sales rep free-for-all


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