So I have been alternating 20mg and 10mg doses of Citalopram for the past four days, which means I’m now averaging a 15mg dose. I was thinking I’d do that for a week and then go down to 10mg daily. I think I’m being too optimistic though. I think I should slow it down, which I can only really do easily by taking a half dose every 3 days (so two days of 20mg and one day of 10mg). But I’m not really sure because I know that citalopram has a short half life (36 hours from memory?) so I’m not sure if spreading variations over three days really has much effect.

The reason I think I might be dropping it too quickly is that I got really frustrated with something earlier and had a (private) tantrum about it. Now – a few hours later – I’m feeling quite emotional and teary about nothing in particular. This is all quite unusual for me lately, so I think it’s a withdrawal effect. Hmm. I think I’ll try the half dose every 3 days approach.

6 thoughts on “Withdrawal?

    1. Thank you. In theory it’s just a temporary withdrawal symptom and I could push through it, but it’d be nicer if I could get through it without any withdrawal symptoms.

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  1. Did you have symptoms when you first started taking it? i found when i as coming off I got the same ones as when i started.
    it might be that if you speak to the doctor you can half a 10mg to have a 15mg dose instead of the 10.
    all the best x

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    1. My counsellor said the same thing about withdrawal symptoms being similar in severity to the initial side effects. I don’t really know if I had mood related side effects though because I was feeling so agitated at the time anyway!

      Soo… I found today that it’s not too hard to split it down to a quarter dose, so I’m going to try alternating 20 (full) and 15 (half + quarter) and see how that goes, but seeing if I can get it in 10mg form is a good idea.

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