Day 8

With day 7 going quite well, I thought today would be the day I’d wake up and feel like I’d finally shaken the virus off, but actually it was the opposite.

I woke up feeling pretty horrible – sore throat, headache, general flu symptoms really, and then I spent all afternoon asleep. I really can’t remember the last time I had a virus that affected me this much for so long. When I had flu last year I couldn’t get out of bed for a few days, but after that it was a definite upward trend and I was back at work 5 days after it started. With this one it’s cyclical. I feel better, then I feel worse, then I feel better, then I feel worse…

Garmin told me my resting heart rate this morning was 60, which is crazy for me (it was 43-45 just over a week ago), though since sleeping this afternoon it’s been adjusted down to 55.

So I’m definitely not better and I’ll work from home tomorrow and the next few days probably.

The work thing is causing me a bit of stress. The reduced train service currently is going to be adding about an hour onto my working day, and that’s assuming there will be enough space to actually get on the train.

I’m not dealing with this while I’m still unwell. First, it’s a bad use of energy which my body needs to use to heal itself, and second, I don’t want to expose myself to more viruses while i’m still fighting this one (for all I know this isn’t coronavirus, and it would hit me harder because my immune system is weaker right now. Not worth the risk).

I will need to address the train situation with work soon, but, as with a lot of things in life, there’s an argument for ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away: 1. The train timetable may be revised if NHS workers (for example) start complaining they can’t get to their shifts on time. 2. Hopefully my work will officially make working from home a policy.

I think it’s pretty bad that work haven’t made any official announcements on the matter yet. Not only does it reflect badly on their care towards their own workers, it also means they’re putting unnecessary strain on transport infrastructure, which is being stripped down to its bare minimum to just support “key workers”, of which I am certainly not one.

I have decided to stick to my principals on this and put my welfare before my employer’s, and if it means job-seeking after the country starts running again then that’s what it means.

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