Apart from the cough I’m actually feeling pretty OK today. The cough is still driving me completely insane and making my throat hurt, but it does seem to be lessening now.

My heart rate is coming back down again, too.

I’ve noticed a few days this week that I smell. There’s no polite way to put it, my armpits are smelly when I wake up. This is odd because I’m still showering just as often, and I’m not doing any exercise.

I googled it and apparently you do smell more when you’re fighting an infection. It’s some kind of immune response. Maybe it’s an evolutionary thing – who wants to mate with someone who’s sick? That doesn’t make sense though. Natural selection should go the other way too and suppress the odour, shouldn’t it? Hmmm…

So again today it’s mixed signals. I feel like I’m doing a lot better, but apparently my immune system is still working hard.

I am officially allowed outside again tomorrow (the 7 day isolation period ends) and in theory can go back to work on Monday.

Whether I will make it to work is another matter, as the trains have drastically reduced their timetables, which was only announced on Friday. With not having been at work this week I don’t know if anything has been said about this. I’m really not impressed by the fact that my workplace hasn’t proactively switched to home working like many others have.

I also find it frustrating that the train services have been cut at all. There is the obvious point about overcrowding and infectious diseases, but also there’s the fact that it’s not the commuters who decide whether or not to come into work – it’s the employer. There’s a mismatch here. Don’t cut train services unless you’re also willing to enforce that workplaces close.

3 thoughts on “DAY 7

  1. Based on the continuing anecdotal experience of a few of those I know around the U.S. and internationally who are a few days ahead of you, there can also be a fun “surprise” of, umm, let’s just say “GI issues” to be polite around days 8-11. I’m surprised the UK is letting folks back to work after only 7 days. But, it also looks like maybe the UK might call for lockdown before Monday after all?

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    1. Well I spoke too soon anyway, I feel pretty rough again this morning so I doubt I’ll be at work tomorrow anyway.

      Re GI issues – I had some of that out of the blue last Thursday (day -3), I wondered if it was related.

      Not sure about lockdown… The UK seems to have been surprised that exponential growth has been exponential… Who could have predicted that? And we’re playing catch-up as the numbers get bigger. Yesterday was the first day of having 1000 new cases and we’re seeing about 1.3x per day now. We went quickly from “we won’t close the schools because it won’t help” to “oh my god we’re closing the schools!”. So I don’t know about lockdown, but I think we’ll be seeing more restrictions over the next few days.


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