Day 3

Day 3 of suspected coronavirus has been a lot like day 2. I worked from home today, which was uneventful. With this being a new job and with working from home not really being in the company culture, I think I feel a bit anxious about suddenly forcing them to let me work from home for a week (actually only 3 days), but I have decided to reframe my view of it as it being a test of my employer to see how much they care about my welfare.

I have tomorrow as holiday because I had a gastroenterology booked at the hospital and I didn’t really want my employer to know about it, so I thought I’d just take the day off. Unfortunately I can’t go to a hospital appointment with this cough, so I had decided I would phone up and cancel it today. Fortunately, the hospital beat me to it and phoned me yesterday to say they were going to change it to a phone appointment. So that’s good.

My heart rate today is still quite a bit higher than it should be for my suddenly sedentary lifestyle, so even though I’m not feeling too bad, tomorrow is going to be a restful day of lying in bed most of the day. To be honest I think I should probably have taken today off sick entirely.

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