Day 2

My fever disappeared overnight and apart from the cough I feel OK, really. Maybe a little bit lethargic, but a lot better than yesterday. The cough, though…

When I get colds, usually they’re very, very nose focused. My nose will drip and/or I’ll sneeze continually for hours. My body can produce snot at a staggering rate. If I could sell it, I’d be rich (maybe there are websites for that…).

I know this isn’t a cold, because my nose is fine. The cough, though, has become very unpleasant and my throat is hurting because of it. So if this isn’t coronavirus, it’s a huge coincidence.

4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. From those who have been presumptive positive in groups I’m in on Facebook, it seems like day 3-5 is one likely time it could get roughly if it’s going to. In that stage, especially if otherwise low-risk and have previously had mild symptoms, you can suddenly get hit with massive lethargy followed by – if you are going to get it at all – the trouble breathing. Continuing to cross my fingers you are one of the *other* case types I have also seen accounts from presumptive positives of in groups for which it never feels worse than what you are describing now. But, if you can, make sure you have a plan for notifying hospital if for any reason it should turn more serious and let us all know you are doing okay. I imagine more bloggers will end up in this “this seems to fit, but they aren’t able to test…” situation. Be safe and hugs.

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    1. Thank you so much Lavender, that’s very useful to know! I read a comment on Reddit from someone who said something similar – that it suddenly hit him with breathing difficulties after 4 days – but I didn’t know it was a common thing. The lack of information around for how it generally progresses is a bit concerning when you think you might have it! I suspect I have an advantage over most people in that I do so much running my lung capacity will hopefully be able to handle things, but we’ll see.

      So far day 3 feels a lot like day 2.


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