Here is a graph of my watch’s interpretation of my stress levels over the past few months.

Annotation 2020-02-13 213359

August is when I started on anti-depressants*. In September I started a salary negotiation with my now-ex Boss, which really stressed me out. October brought a few interviews and November had me starting a new job. January had me ‘resting’ a running injury, and February has me returning to almost daily running. It’s incredible to see what a difference regular exercise, or lack thereof, makes to my physically measurable stress levels.

*The graph probably exaggerates the practical reality a bit, because an initial side effect of the anti-depressants was a slowed heart rate (which has since gone back up to normal), which probably confused the readings a bit.

3 thoughts on “Stress

    1. Yes it’s interesting! It measures the interval between heart beats and looks at the variability of that to estimate physical stress.. It’s aimed towards athletic recovery (it’s a running watch), but it does correlate strongly with how I feel, so I think it’s pretty good for emotional stress too

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