The Witcher

I’ve been watching The Witcher on Netflix. I had to post something because I just watched episode 3, and…

…there are a lot of boobs in this program.

More than are strictly necessary for the story, I think.

8 thoughts on “The Witcher

      1. Game of Thrones was really good for the first 4 seasons. It really went downhill after Martin stepped away from direct involvement, and by the end I was hate-watching out of morbid curiosity. So, you know, feel free to skip the experience!

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      1. Of the three episodes I’ve seen so far, only the third has had lots of unnecessary nudity. I don’t think there was any at all in the second episode, and in the first there were a few out of focus boobs in the background and that was it. So I don’t know what to expect from the rest of the season…

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