The cold I contracted last Monday has been hard to shake off. It’s a week later and I’m still feeling it in some ways. I forgot how much I hate sore throats. My sister thinks she’s starting with it today, so I’m going to be popular…

I don’t think it’s the coronavirus, but you can never be sure with these things.

So, the running. Last week I ran about 40km (up from 25km the previous week), which still isn’t really very close to the volume I want to be hitting, and my hip/ab/whatever is starting to bother me a bit. I am learning more about it. Yesterday I discovered that foam rolling my hip flexors makes it feel a lot better. It fits together with the stretch I found before, i.e. the stomach vacuums, in that it probably woke my abs up and started taking some of the load off my hip flexors. So I’m currently working from the assumption that it’s my hip flexors being tight and overactive and trying to do too much.

I spent a bit of time staring at myself in the mirror this evening, and I found that my pelvic tilt is horrible. My hip flexors are in desperate need of stretching even ignoring the injury. It explains why my lower back has been a bit achy too.

I’ve decided to give it a week of a strict regime of daily hip flexor rolling and stretching and if it’s still bothering me next week I’ll phone up one of the physios around the office.

4 thoughts on “life

  1. I was just popping over to see how you were doing – I’m sorry the cold is lingering for you.

    By the way I finally downloaded the insight timer app you mentioned, and am working with some beginner meditation – I’m cautiously optimistic because it does seem like it might be helping me relax a little.

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    1. I’m so glad you’ve checked it out!

      There is so much on there you might have to try a few different ‘teachers’ before you find one you like. I listen a lot to Andrea Wachter who has a few on anxiety and sleep.

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