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So! Work is going pretty OK. I am actually quite surprised that it’s been OK. I had this nagging doubt that maybe I was just incapable of handling stress and starting a new job would be too much. Nope – it’s been fine, turns out a new environment was exactly what I needed.

I’ve been getting into everything. I feel like I’m starting to make some progress on the work I’ve been given, and I’m very pleased about how much I’ve taken in over the past week. I feel engaged, and it’s been a long time since I felt engaged at work. I am remembering why I used to enjoy programming!

I still see my old workplace every day from the train. Last week when I came out of the station there was an ex-colleague on the other side of the road walking to work. I didn’t speak to him, but presumably one day the timing will be different and I will. I know that one day I’ll see Becky from the train – I wonder how that will feel. Weird, probably. I still feel irritated by my old employer, but it seems much more distant now.

I previously voiced disapproval about the fact I am working until 5:30. I expected it to grate a little, but, actually, that’s been fine too. I stopped running after work because I just intended to get settled in before figuring how to get running back into my routine, and I haven’t started again this week… partially because my ab or whatever is still quite sore. It’s improving, but it’s not 100% yet. I think actually it would benefit from a bit more (gentle) running.

Since I have an hour for lunch now, which I spend wandering around new areas of town, which seem heavily populated by lunch time runners… I’m thinking about running at lunch time. I need to test a routine for this with respect to smellability and invest in some wipes and a bigger bag for a towel and shoes and whatnot (personally: I doubt that it will make me smell bad as long as I stick to easy runs, which is fine. Sweat takes time to smell). It’s just a question of whether my colleagues are ready to see me in my running tights.

6 thoughts on “Work and stuff

  1. Fab! I’m so happy to hear it’s going well & that you’re engaged at work. I worked somewhere there was a group that went out running at lunch, even just getting out for a walk sounds good when there’re new places to explore.

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