New job

The new job is going OK.

I mean, it’s kind of overwhelming and it’s a new environment and I don’t know anyone, but I went in on day one and on day two I didn’t have the urge to stay in bed, so I’m going to see that as a win. They gave me a pretty meaty task to get stuck into which seemed very ambitious this morning (hello imposter syndrome), but I spent the day researching and… now I think I know what questions I need to ask tomorrow, so that’s progress.

So far it seems like quite a relaxed environment. The previous employer was supposedly a relaxed environment, but in reality the MD was very, very intense and stress inducing and it took me a long time to get used to him. The new MD here does not remind me of him at all, though I haven’t had much interaction with him.

My colleagues seem friendly enough. My immediate manager seems quite easy going and humorous. I don’t know if I’ll form any meaningful relationships with anyone here, because everyone is older than me… but I’m OK with that at the moment.

I’ve done a little bit of small talk with colleagues… I’ve found it quite easy… I’m supposed to be shy and socially anxious… maybe not anymore?

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