It’s getting closer

Hmm. I asked HR lady on Monday about the holiday situation, and she replied quite promptly and told me I had four days, but then she asked me to confirm my leaving date. So she has calculated it at four days, but doesn’t know my leaving date. Where’s the confused emoji…

I replied with my leaving date, and expected her to come back and confirm or adjust the number, but actually she’s just ignored me. I should be happy – it would be quite disappointing if she started behaving normally now. I need to chase this up tomorrow.

It’s so tempting to CC my and her boss and add a sarcastic sentence saying how disappointed I am that we are still having trouble communicating even after I’d previously expressed my dissatisfaction over our communication problems, but I need to not do that. Even though it would make me feel better. Temporarily. It’s not about being the bigger person. It’s about not investing my own energy in solving the company’s problems just as I’m leaving.

So anyway. If I have four days of holiday then that means I leave on a Monday, which seems a bit silly, so I will ask if I can just leave on the Friday.

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