I’m trying to be relaxed at the moment but it’s not really working.

Stuff I need to do:
1. Reply to the job offer letter and properly accept it
2. Reply to HR from a different company and tell them I won’t be proceeding any further
3. Draft and send a resignation email to my boss, which I think is just going to be a short “I’m giving my one month notice, I’ll leave on [date]” with no further explanation. We’ll go through that verbally anyway.

Other stuff I’m nervous about:

1. There is a fair chance that my boss will make a counter-offer. So, although I’m expecting to leave, there is a lot of uncertainty.

2. I’m running a half marathon tomorrow. I want to do it in 1 hour 35 minutes. I did it 1:48 last year, but I’m in much better shape this year. 1:35 seemed so realistic in training. That’s 4:30 per km. I do 5ks at slightly over 4:00/km, 10ks at about 4:10/km, so 4:30/km for a half is very achievable… isn’t it?

Now it’s the night before and I’m seriously wishing I’d done more long runs. Well, not more long runs, but longer long runs. I’ve been doing 15-18k runs at least twice a week for months and my training volume has been pretty heavy at about 70km/week. But… 18k… is that enough? That’s three kilometres I haven’t touched! So I’m expecting to get to about 19-20k and then fall apart. But… that’s not really how distance running works. I haven’t gone past 18k because I didn’t think I needed to with the otherwise heavy volume, and I felt that the risk of injury outweighed any potential benefit. I stuck to my plan. I’ll be OK. I just need to sit here and eat my delicious brioche (55% carbs) and then go to bed.

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