Knowing when to walk away

HR lady was not at work today so nobody has yet spoken to me about things. My counsellor informed me she had stated she would speak to me “later this week”, which would now be surprising as she is extremely rarely in the office on Fridays. It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely.

I actually think it’s somewhat unlikely that she’ll successfully speak to me on the first day she is in the office anyway – I think she’ll try to arrange a meeting around the time I’m leaving (because that’s her style) and this time I’ll reject it and tell her to fit it into my working hours instead.

I have been thinking about things.

I am torn, but something that keeps coming up in my mind is that I quit my previous job after less than a year because I was frustrated by poor management which didn’t treat me very respectfully in a professional capacity.

At no point since have I ever thought “I wish I hadn’t quit that shitty job”, or “if only I’d stuck it out for another six months”.

I quit and my life improved. It felt risky and scary at the time, but with hindsight it’s obvious that there was no way my life could have improved without quitting, because it wasn’t under my control. Only the company had the power to fix it, and they weren’t interested.

And so once again, here we are.

Apparently though it’s emotionally easier to quit a job after 7 months than 7 years.

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