I’m just writing this to take my mind off the fact I HAVE AN INTERVIEW in a few hours, for the first time in seven years.


Something bizarre is happening at work.

On Tuesday I had a phone call from “Adam” who works for “Recruiters R Us”. Becky took it, and just sent me an email asking me to call him back, which I didn’t because… who are you and what do you want?

On Wednesday it happened again. I didn’t phone him back but I did ask Becky whether he had said what it was about. She gave a generic response which didn’t quite admit to not having asked him. I knew she hadn’t; I only asked to be awkward. She is very professional – when anyone else gets a phone call she says “can I ask what it’s regarding please?” before going over and speaking to them and asking if they want to take the call. With me, she doesn’t ask what it’s regarding and doesn’t ask if I want to take the call. I just get an email telling me to phone someone back. This is one of the things that really grates on a day to day level with Becky – everyone else gets professionalism, I don’t.

Thursday, again! But this time she got some details. He says my name has been given as a referee. I find this extremely unlikely – I still think he’s tactlessly cold calling my employer because he’s seen me online and wants to speak to me about a job.

So I did the sensible think and CCed HR saying “if it concerns references this would be better handled by HR”. I wish I could listen if and when HR does phone him.

I did some digging though.

“Recruiters R Us” are based in central London, and the phone number given has a Cornwall area code. I found “Adam” on LinkedIn and he actually works for a different recruitment agency. In Cornwall. Except… he lives in France. What’s going on here?

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