I have been offered an in-person interview following a phone interview I had last week. I’m surprised that of the 3 phone calls I’ve had so far, this is the one that turned into an interview, but whatever, I’ll take it. I would like this job for the simple reason that it’s a 20 minute walk from my house.

I was feeling stressed about work, but suddenly now it seems far less important. I am not really sure what I’m going to be walking in to tomorrow, with having two days off… will be my boss be upset I didn’t inform the customer I was off sick? Will he think I’m having too much time off? Will HR lady start taking an interest now? Anxious thoughts, some catastrophising, but I don’t feel too apprehensive.

In less good news, I’ve been bleeding again. It only looked like a small amount, so I decided to run this morning as I planned to, but I kept the pace low and didn’t go as far as I had intended. I might regret this tomorrow. I suspect I have some kind of gastritis that is occasionally triggered by exercise and causes my stomach lining to bleed, but that’s me guessing – doctors haven’t managed to diagnose me, they just stick cameras in me (weeks or months after the bleeding has stopped) and scratch their heads. I think I need to assume I’m right on the gastritis front and start altering my diet to reduce stomach acid. I really don’t understand how I can go months without it and then it happens twice in a few weeks, though.

I felt unusually hungry when I got home, which isn’t really a good sign that my stomach is functioning properly, so I had a few slices of toast before eating quite a big lunch. I feel a bit sick now, but take your pick from possible causes: 1. Bleeding, 2. Eating a lot, 3. Stress, 4. Heatwave, 5. Running in a heatwave…

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