Not bleeding

There was no sign of bleeding today, which is good. In the past it’s usually been visible for two days so the fact it’s back to normal after one this time is nice. I have felt a bit weird today with some nausea while I was walking and my stomach has been very unhappy, but I don’t know if it’s related. Other candidates include the heat and anxiety because…

…I had another phone interview this evening. This time for a job that seems more promising, at least by location. I felt it went well, much better than the previous one. I felt a lot happier afterwards so maybe it was just anxiety.

To be honest though, work is going OK. The project I’m on is coming to an end, but that’s OK, I think. It’s become very bitty and not engaging. I’ve been directed towards another project which will involve learning a new technology, which will be a bit more interesting.

Becky hasn’t annoyed me lately, though I did have a strange conversation with my boss the other day where he said “Becky told me you said to her you would be happy to look after some plants for the office if we got some in”. He looked very confused when I just said “I did not say that”. I don’t understand her, fundamentally. I mean, why would she say this? What was she thinking would happen? I still have radio silence from HR lady but when she surfaces I will mention this and ask her if she can offer an explanation. To me it looks like Becky wants attention, so every so often she does something weird, but I don’t know… she’s a 45 year old, not a 5 year old.

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