Hmmm, so, I have a phone interview tomorrow. I’m not really enthused about this though. I assumed it would just be a quick screening, but it’s actually going to be 45 minutes long. 45 minutes seems like exactly the wrong length for a phone interview. It’s too long to be a quick screening and too short to be something that they might offer you a job from without another stage.

But really, I just don’t think I want to work there. I’d have to buy a car and I’m not struck on the idea spending an hour and a half a day crawling through 15 miles of rush hour traffic.

Hours and commuting time are very important to me. If I can work 8:00-4:00, then the commute will probably be less than an hour a day and I’d strongly consider it, assuming the salary they offer covers the cost of a car. But if they want 9-5:30 then it’ll be longer hours than I currently work and a much worse commute.

We’ll see how it goes though. It’s experience.

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