Boring day

The HR lady was back from a two week holiday so I was expecting her to talk to me about the impending Becky meeting, but nope. I did prepare over the weekend for how I’m going to approach this chat when it does happen, so I actually feel OK about it. I’ll just give an honest assessment of how I felt the last one went, and say I’m happy to have another one but only if Becky is a bit more constructive this time. Everything feels calmer and less important. That’s good.

Becky had a personal phone call this afternoon and stepped out of the office to take it, which is unusual as she usually just takes them at her desk. She once read out her credit card number and over the phone at her desk. This is obviously more sensitive than credit card numbers. Hopefully she’s just been offered another job…

I’ve had no updates from either of the recruiters I spoke to last week, which is underwhelming, but I have already decided I’m probably not going to move right now so I don’t care much.

Work seemed comfortable today. My watch seems to think I’m more stressed than usual but I don’t feel it. I think it’s actually measuring physical stress/recovery rather than emotional stress specifically, which is elevated because I started lifting weights again at the weekend and my muscles are not happy. I used to lift regularly but I stopped with illness (anaemia/internal bleeding) last year and suddenly lost a lot of weight. I decided recently that my self confidence would probably improve if I was carrying a few kilograms of muscle again.

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