I’m not exactly excited about local elections, because they are incredibly boring, but I am quite interested to see the overall results.

In national polls, Labour has a really big lead. But Labour’s lead is almost entirely due to the collapse of the Conservatives and the zero sun nature of two party politics. I think the Tories fully deserve their terrible polling figures, and I think that Labour does not at all deserve their strong figures.

So what does that actually look like in an election? Locals are obviously a bit removed from national polling, but my suspicion is Labour will underperform and the real winner will be the Lib Dems who will pick up a lot of “neither of those, please” votes. But I have been known to be completely wrong.

We’ll find out on Friday!


2 thoughts on “Locals!

  1. It has completely passed me by about the elections, maybe if I still lived in the UK all the flyers would give it away. Occasionally husband and I take it very seriously and do some research and step up to vote. One year I voted for the Green (opera singer) who I think didn’t even get enough votes to get her deposit back.
    I also got to the polls and found I’d only heard of maybe 5 of the 12 parties. I could have sat in the corridor and Googled them all I suppose. I know even less about the parties over here.

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