The first piece of exciting news is that I have been selected for Jury Service! Ahhhh. I told my manager and he was like “yeah, fine”, but then he told the company owner, who is now having a bit of a tantrum about it. I don’t think he’s come across the situation before as he doesn’t seem to understand the options and currently thinks I don’t need to do it if it inconveniences him (nope).

I can ask to defer it until another time in the next 12 months if my employer won’t give me the time off, which is probably what he’ll want me to do. I don’t really see why my employer gets a say at all, to be honest, and I would prefer to just get it out of the way. I need to respond to the summons within the next few days (or potentially be in contempt of court!) with either an “ok” or “I can’t do it on this date because [reasons], but I can do it on these dates instead” and at the moment I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for my employer.

There was a post on Reddit earlier that said something like “in relationships, look for people who make your life easier, not harder”. Very apt.


It’s three and a bit weeks to go until my next half marathon. My last few weeks of running looks like this:

I’m mostly focusing on durations rather than distances. I haven’t really decided on a target time or pace, but it should be between 1:30 and 1:40, hence why you see a lot of 16km runs (which take me about 1:30 at an easy pace).

My body is hungry, tired and achy, and I am so fed up of the weather! The 18km on Wednesday included a 60 minute tempo, which included long stretches of running into strong wind gusts. Try holding a tempo pace in a 30mph headwind, it’s not easy!


2 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. I didn’t know your employer could refuse to release you for jury duty. Sounds frustrating and I think I’d be the same – get it out the way. Or at least be able to respond to the summons.
    Then agqain if you defer for a year does it make the next time that year further away?

    I wonder if people (like the owner) are oblivious to the harm (unnecessary stress and worry) they cause people or if they just don’t care.

    Is there a significance to the shaded runs? I love looking at info like that.

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    1. I’m coming around to the idea of deferring it just because it’s a year away and there’s a chance I won’t actually get called when it comes around. Though I don’t know what the chances are. But yes, it’s a hassle 🤷‍♂️

      The shaded runs are ones I’ve marked as (speed) workouts. Like intervals or faster runs. I don’t always remember to mark them though.

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