He went to the groomers yesterday, for the first time. I think he’s feeling cute.

He went in looking a bit shaggy, and he came out looking like a giant bundle of fluff. She’s trimmed the hair on his face but left the length the same on the top of his head, so combined with the blow dry he ended up looking very 80s for a while. She also trimmed the fur around his paws so he looks kind of like he’s trotting around on tip toes. It’s not exactly what I was expecting… But he does look cute!

I don’t think I ever posted an update on my standing desk. I’ve been trying to keep a routine in my work day, which starts off with a run and then shower and breakfast, then a few hours standing at my desk. I like to stand first thing because I’m trying not to let things seize up after running. Then I try to stand again for a while after lunch and for the last part of the day. The non standing periods are sitting in the living room with my laptop to keep an eye on Monty, sat at the desk, or lying on my bed with my laptop depending on how tired I am.

The main things I found are:

  1. It didn’t really help my hip at all, but I worked out that my hip feels a lot better if I stretch my hamstrings. If I feel that annoying ache in my hip then usually a few minutes of hamstring stretching sorts it out. This seems slightly bizarre since the hamstrings are at the back and the ache was at the front and almost into my stomach, but anyway, that’s how it is.
  2. Standing is really tiring! At least to start with, I was feeling a lot more tired and hungry.
  3. Standing makes your bowels more active 😳

3 thoughts on “Groom

  1. Standing uses more energy than sitting so it makes sense that it’s more tiring, so does holding a position you’re not used to. One job I had the boss was considering an anti-fatigue mat for my colleague because we stood all day (apparently he didn’t need to worry about me because I never stood still – those were the days).

    Have been looking forward to an update on Monty – he’s adorable & totally agree about the 80s style, a permed mullet lol.


    1. Yes, it looked just like a mullet! I will post a before and after pictures soon. He’s starting to curl again now so he looks more like himself, just a bit fluffier.

      He was showing signs of calmness but we have gone backwards in the past few days. He is teething though, so he is probably in some pain. I didn’t realise how quickly their baby teeth fall out – I noticed one of his front teeth (incisors?) was missing on Wednesday and by Saturday only was left. Apparently that’s normal though.

      I am quite looking forward to taking him on runs when he’s bigger. I think he’ll have no problems with it, there was another poodle cross at parkrun yesterday that would have easily beaten me if she hadn’t stopped to investigate a puddle part way around. The hard thing will be training him to run at the same speed as me. He hasn’t quite got the hang of walking at the same speed yet πŸ™‚

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