I finished Clone Wars and The Expanse. Clone Wars ending was quite sombre but I already knew it would be since it lines up with the third prequel. I enjoyed Clone Wars a lot more than I expected to. I hope that we get to see more of Ahsoka. I think I’d rather see an Ahsoka series than the Boba Fett and Obi Wan series that they are also supposedly making.

The Expanse was… ehhhh. Something actually happened in the finale, so that was an improvement over the previous 5 episodes. But it seemed like it was a set up for S6. I hope it’s better than S5! S5 is by far the weakest season so far.

I’ve started watching Man In The High Castle. I’m only two episodes in so far but it seems very good, if incredibly bleak. It’s set in an alternate history 1960s America where Germany and Japan won WW2 and occupied and divided up America. I think the logistical improbability of this has been hand-waved away by saying that Germany won the race to the atomic bomb. Anyway…. I really like Rufus Sewell as a.. err… gestapo? officer. He plays a very intelligent and very scary man.

I don’t know what else to watch though…

I have heard good things about The Orville but I don’t think it’s on any of the streaming services I have. Star Trek Lower Decks might be good too. I keep thinking about watching S3 of Star Trek Discovery but I’m not sure I can face another 10 hours watching Michael Burnham being serious and dramatic.

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  1. lol that’s funny about Michael Burnham. Slight spoiler alert – S3 she learns to cry. I don’t find her a likeable character. In fact I’m not sure I’m that fond of any of the characters. & as for the expanse… yeah something happened but really it was a season of nothingness. I really liked The Orville, & would add to the recommendations for that. We started watching “The Good Place” on Netflix. Liked series 1, should’ve ended it there. Finding series 2 a chore. Haven’t heard of Star Trek Lower Decks, might need to look into that.

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    1. Lower Decks is a cartoon, so probably very different to usual Star Trek. I keep seeing comments online about how good it is, but that’s really all I know about it!

      Yes, Discovery… I found S1 and S2 to be quite a drag to get through (actually I can barely remember anything about S2) so I kept pushing S3 down my list. I liked both of the captains in S1 and S2.

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