I handed in my notice and apparently sent a few people into a panic. My timing was terrible, as the MD was out so couldn’t handle it, but instead got my manager and the (I don’t know his job title? but he’s kind of the second in command) to discuss it. They both seem to think the MD will give a counter offer.

Anyway, the MD is going to review it over the weekend and get back to me on Monday. I’m not really sure what to expect with this. Despite my manager’s optimism, the MD has consistently low balled me when it comes to pay. On the other hand, he’d be silly not to match the offer, because it is the going rate for my level of skill, and hiring is hard and my departure leaves the company quite understaffed.

But am I open to counter offers? A few days ago I said I wasn’t, but if they do match the salary then I’m not sure my case for leaving and starting a new job is so compelling anymore. The MD also laid out a few days ago that he wasn’t expecting to go back to full time in the office, which was also a big fear of mine. So if the salary is equal, the main points are the hours (37.5 currently vs 40 in the new job) and the tech (more modern, CV friendly in the new job). Well, and the stress and risk of starting a new job.

I suppose I need to decide on my thresholds and see what Monday brings.

2 thoughts on “Drama

  1. In general how do you feel about the current job? Do you look back over your blog posts so you get a longer term view than just your current mindset?

    I make my decisions based on how I feel (rather than logic). So how does the thought of staying in this job make you feel? How do you feel about the new job? Not about what makes more sense, but which would be easier to get up in the morning for? When you’re talking about them, for which does your voice become richer, & your smile easier?
    If you can talk it through with someone (or record yourself thinking out loud) which do you use more positive language about?

    (Welcome to my world, I am a creature of impulse)

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    1. I sometimes look back over posts, but usually I only post about work if it’s annoying me! I think I’ve felt quite settled since I got the last offer (back in march?) and it’s only the salary issue that’s been eating at me… Though I have bumped up my tablets to the full dose again which probably helps.

      It’s hard to say that much about the new job because I don’t really know a lot about it. In terms of the actual work, it’s going to be similar. The difference will be in the people and culture and I haven’t experienced that yet. The technical side might be a bit more interesting but the business area… Probably not. I don’t think there’s much in it really.

      I think you’re right… It’s going to come down to feeling and impulse tomorrow when my current employer makes their position clear.

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